Dr Lynne Korte

Psychotherapy & Counselling Liverpool Street

Deciding to start therapy can often feel overwhelming but knowing you have a therapist that fits well with you will make a big difference to the progress of the work. I try to provide a contained, supportive and safe environment for psychotherapy and counselling Liverpool Street in order to allow the client to feel at ease when discussing what can often be very difficult emotions. I also aim to work collaboratively, thinking with the client about their needs and goals for the therapy and deciding together on the best way forward. I offer both short term and long term therapy and choose from a variety of models in order to provide a tailor made therapy for each client. The therapy models include CBT and DBT which are skills based therapies providing the client with tools and techniques to manage daily negative symptoms. For clients wanting to work on deeper issues by looking at the influence of their relationships and past on their current difficulties, I offer interpersonal and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

About Me

I am a Clinical Psychologist, Chartered with the BPS and accredited with the HCPC. I offer both individual and couples counselling and psychotherapy sessions. Starting therapy can often feel challenging and leave us feeling vulnerable. I am aware that it may not be an easy step for people to take and I promote open communication in the sessions in order to help the individual feel more at ease. Everyone has a preferred way of working and I aim to collaboratively mould the therapy to suit the client’s style which ensures a better therapeutic process and encourages positive change.

The Rooms

My rooms are based across the road from Liverpool Street station and easily accessible by the Northern line, Metropolitan line, Hammersmith and City line, Circle line and National rail. There is an NCP carpark a few minutes walk away by London Finsbury Square. The therapy rooms in Liverpool Street are perfectly suited for individual psychotherapy sessions. They provide a comfortable and containing space in which to talk about the difficulties you are facing. The building and rooms are unbranded allowing for discretion when visiting my practice and there is a waiting room.

My Experience

Over the years, I have gained extensive experience working in private practice as well as in a community team within the NHS. I have been involved in the physical health sector seeing individuals with long term illness and disability. I have also worked in trauma centres providing therapy to victims of trauma and abuse and I have worked in inpatient and forensic setting with severely unwell individuals presenting with psychosis and personality disorder. Alongside my practice I currently work in a community team seeing individuals, couples and families for psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between client and therapist that involves meeting with a trained therapist to work on the difficulties you are experiencing. These may be specific symptoms you want to manage such as depression, anxiety or stress or it may be more general difficulties such as feeling unfulfilled and fed up and wanting to make changes but not knowing how.

Psychotherapy provides a safe environment in which to explore the problems you are facing, to think about where these problems are coming from and find ways to manage the difficult symptoms. It also allows the space to think more longitudinally across your life, to piece together the link between difficulties in the past and current struggles and to find ways to make permanent changes to your life. I aim to support and proactively guide people as they work towards this change.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a leading evidence-based therapy shown to be effective in the treatment of several disorders including depression, anxiety disorders (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic attacks, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Phobias, Health Anxiety and Social Anxiety) anger management, addictions and relationship difficulties. It is a relatively brief, NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommended treatment and is used widely throughout the NHS. CBT aims to solve a variety of problems by working on our emotions, cognitions (thoughts, attitudes and beliefs) and behaviours. It looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we behave and feel. CBT aims to help us recognise and change our patterns of thinking and our behaviours in order to improve our mood and reduce difficult and distressing symptoms. Although I am trained in a number of different therapeutic models and work integratively depending on the needs of the client, I have received specialist training in CBT and am accredited with the BABCP which is the gold standard regulatory body for CBT training.

Individual & Couples Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between client and therapist that occurs in a supportive and confidential setting. Couples therapy works to help the couple identify aspects of the relationship they would like to change.

Long Term & Short Term Therapy

I provide both short and long-term psychotherapy. During the initial session, the client will be able to discuss their reasons for seeking psychological treatment and together with the therapist, the length and type of therapy is agreed.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

In CBT, the client and therapist have an equal, collaborative relationship working towards the client’s best outcome. CBT tends to focus more on the here and now; helping you to manage day to day difficulties rather than issues from the past.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a type of therapy that combines standard CBT techniques with meditative practice. It was developed for people with Borderline Personality Disorder but has shown to be effective with other difficulties and conditions.

Lynne’s Testimonials

“Lynne helped me at a point in my life when everything felt extremely dark and out of control. I completely trust her, and she was always the first person I wanted to talk to when I was in crisis. In our sessions I always felt safe and respected while being in such a vulnerable state. I always left our sessions feeling lighter with a deeper understanding of my thoughts and feelings. She allowed me to find and understand myself in my own way, while constantly supporting me through every route I chose to take. I so appreciate everything that she has done for me and continues to do for me. I highly recommended her to anyone seeking a kind, caring, proactive and genuine therapist to help with constant battles of a mental health illness.”

“I had counselling sessions with Lynne for over 2 years. We worked on unresolved issues from my childhood and I made great progress. Lynne is very accepting and kind and helps the client to find their own solutions that are best for them rather than telling you what you should do. This also teaches you responsibility for your choices. I felt like I could trust Lynne and I never felt like she judged me. This way I could discuss even the most painful and secret issues and it contributed to big changes I made in my life. I am a happier person now, who enjoys life. Thank you Lynne for all the efforts you put into helping me.”

“Lynne was a massive help when I was trying to understand where my self-belief conflicted with my personal achievements. Having used other therapists that mostly listen, I specifically looked for someone that would have a two way communication which challenged the way I was perceiving myself while actively using CBT as part of the process. Lynne provided exactly what I needed and set me on the path to building my self confidence.”

Liverpool Street Counselling & Psychotherapy Room Location

Longcroft House,
2-8 Victoria Avenue, Bishopsgate,
London, EC2M 4NS
The counselling rooms in Longcroft House are ideal for individual counselling or psychotherapy Liverpool Street, providing a safe and secure environment and a comfortable therapeutic space. The building and rooms are discrete and without branding. There is a waiting room where a receptionist will greet you when you arrive.
counselling liverpool street room
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